Give Them The Old Razzle Dazzle- An Interview With Brent Barrett

CC: Mr. Barrett, thank you so much for your time. I know that you are very busy in Chicago. Where did you grow up?

BB: I grew up In Quinter, Kansas. It's a very small town - population 950.

CC: Where did you go to college?

BB: I started out at a small college in Kansas and then transferred to Carnegie Mellon.

CC: When did you know that you wanted to become a singer and an actor?

BB: When I was a Junior in High School.

CC: Wow, that early… What was the first musical that you were in?

BB: I was in the chorus in 110 in the Shade. That following year we did Calamity Jane and I played Wild Bill.

CC: You have been in so many productions; Do you have a favorite?

BB: King Arthur is my favorite role which I played at Paper Mill. It is such a rich, meaty role and it's a great journey that the character takes. I love doing Chicago and that is why I have done it as much as I have. I also had a great time doing Kiss Me Kate though which was a real workout.

CC: I saw the taping of it which was wonderful…but would of course rather have seen you live…

BB: For what it was and how they did it, I think that it came out pretty well.

CC: I saw you perform without a mike in "Broadway In 1960" and it was absolutely breathtaking – was that hard?

BB: (laughs) Oh thanks. I hope that it reached the back row.

CC: It reached Kansas! I also saw you in Blast where you sang from Pajama Game. How did you do that? Did they really tape it?

BB: It was recorded so they just played it back. It was a great time and a truly magical evening.

CC: Will you be in Encore's next season?

BB: I don't know. They are still choosing what they are going to do and I am going to give them a couple of suggestions of my own.

CC: How long do you expect to be in Chicago?

BB: Right now I am done September 28th.

CC: What is next on your dance card?

BB: I have some concert work in the Hamptons, the Broadway Tenors in Memphis on November 8th and then a benefit for the Key West Pops November 14th. In December I might be doing a concert with the Key West Pops on the 28th.

CC: How did you come back to Chicago? Did they ask you?

BB: I got a call from the Producers and they asked me if I would consider coming back and playing Billy. I said yes!

CC: Have you ever thought of doing something completely different?

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