Flash Art NY Desk Pays Tribute to Artist Frank Stella, 3/5-4/5

Flash Art NY Desk Pays Tribute to Artist Frank Stella, 3/5-4/5

Flash Art NY Desk pays tribute to Frank Stella with art exhibit. The exhibition is conceived as a tribute to Frank Stella's late 1970s series of paintings "Indian Birds," and in particular to Khar Pidda (1978), published on the cover of Flash Art International no. 92-93 in 1979.

Compared to Stella's previous series, the "Indian Birds" display a more complex, grand and baroque, composition, where the containing background is suppressed in favor of a merely structural metal grid. Large irregular panels overlap in a layered entanglement of curves-making the visual assimilation of the paintings as an "endeavor," an attempt to solve the dialectics between the many parts constituting the ensemble, and leveling the mobility of the pictorial space.

The exhibition will bring together contemporary artworks which could be visually related to "fragments" of the "Indian Birds", in order to inquire Stella's shifting compositional process, visual references and sculptural approach to painting. Echoing the approach of the French group Supports/Surfaces, the exhibition display will play with the deconstruction, dismantling and subverting of Khar Pidda.

This is the inaugural show at Flash Art NY Desk.

Special thanks to: Bortolami, Gabe Catone, Alessio Cancellieri, Lisa Cooley, Michele D'Aurizio, Hannah Hoffmann, Hotel Americano, Gea Politi, Project Native Informant, Overduin & Co., Maciej Tajber, and Andre Sakhai.

Flash Art NY Desk is located at 630 9th Ave (between 44 and 45th St.) - Suite 403. The building is the historical Film Center highlighted as a highly individualistic version of the Art Deco style by its own designer Ely Jacques Kahn. The space is shared with Galerie Balice/Hertling. Flash Art will alternate with the gallery shows, talks and events.

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