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Denis O'Hare On AN ILIAD, THE GOOD BOOK & His Own Playwriting

Denis O'Hare On AN ILIAD, THE GOOD BOOK & His Own PlaywritingTony Award-winning Broadway and Hollywood notable Denis O'Hare opens up about his own creative process as a playwright and actor as part of a new interview in promotion of the Santa Monica bow of his recent performance piece AN ILIAD.

Discussing writing in general and his penchant for playwriting, O'Hare shares, "I've written since I was 12. I wrote poetry while I was a major at Northwest University. I've written three to four screenplays. I was happy to be busy being an actor. Now I get to satisfy a different sort of creative itch."

Furthermore, O'Hare says he already has another play in mind after finishing performing AN ILIAD: titled THE GOOD BOOK, based on no less than the Bible itself.

"The reason I want to do it is I'm an ex-Catholic atheist and am obsessed with religion. As an openly gay atheist man, I feel the bible has been used as a weapon against me. I want to understand where it comes from. The history is crazy: the archeology, sociology, linguistics, literary criticism. It's a rigorous endeavor," O'Hare relates.

On the topic of AN ILIAD, O'Hare says the writing was organic, revealing, "We stumbled on a method of improvising on-camera and transcribing that for the text. What is the story we can tell? We spent a lot of time arguing about the gods. Should we include them? What characters do we cut? That honing process took years, partly because we weren't doing it full time."

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