Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Viennese Waltz
Score: 24/30
"You need to do better," said Gilbert's partner Chmerkovskiy. "I'm tired of 7s." And though their harsh banter has become a staple in their dynamic, he speaks the (blatant) truth. In rehearsal footage, it was seen that Gilbert had a rough time learning this week's routine and was constantly butting heads with Chmerkovskiy, who had little to no patience with her slow-learning speed. Though a tad drab, it would be hard to label Gilbert's performance anything than her best. "You work so hard, and it's starting to really pay off," said Carrie Ann, "I see the artistry." For the first time in weeks, she was in control, and is finally, "going in the right direction," according to Bruno.

Jaleel White & Kym Johnson
Dance: Cha-Cha
Score: 29/30
White has undoubtedly faded a bit in the past few weeks of the competition. After a dazzling show-opener during DANCING's first week, White has made a few missteps, both on the stage and in his technique, but partner, Johnson, maintains her faith in him. There was a definite sharp attitude throughout the routine, reminiscent of all that Motown stood for. If any competitor encapsulated the energy, feel, and air that Motown created, it was White. "You're back," said Len, while Bruno declared: "You burned this floor, it was the biggest sizzler of the season - you've come back. Big time."

William Levy & Cheryl Burke
Dance: Rumba
Score: 27/30
Levy and Burke were determined to bring the steam, the fire, the passion to their Rumba. "William, that was absolute and utter filth," Bruno said, "and I loved every minute of it." By this point in the competition, every audience member knows the typical praise Levy gets just for showing up. And though the performance was tepid (no more than a moderate boil) it was hardly his best routine, said Carrie Ann. "You aren't just a pretty face, you're a beautiful dancer," she said, while Len echoed her sentiments.

The contestant's endurance was tested during a classic Motown dance-off, in which they'd be competing for additional bonus points to be added to their original score. The last dancer standing would be rewarded 10 points, the second to last 9, and so on. Each cha-cha-ing duo was eventually knocked off by the judges until Jenkins, White, and Levy remained. In the end, it was frontrunner Jenkins who claimed the coveted 10 points. Though beneficial to the competitors themselves, it was undoubtedly nice to see the stagnant 2-hour broadcast mixed up to a greater degree.

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