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Casting Director Brette Goldstein to Launch Bova Actors Workshop, 2/6

Casting Director Brette Goldstein will launch a new Bova Actors Workshop offering titled, "Professional Development Night" in early 2014. The workshop is an exclusive for actors at the Bova Actors Workshop. This is an evening in which the guest industry artist lectures on their area of expertise. As of now there are five professional development nights scheduled in 2014. The goal is to give the actor an education and lend insight into different areas of the industry.

Brette Goldstein will facilitate a lecture and extensive Q & A on Audition Acting Traps and Solutions at Ionica Theater, 300 West 43rd Street, NYC, on Thursday, February 6th from 6:30-7:30 PM.

Films Brette has cast have gone on to win a multitude of awards and been official selections at Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Hamptons, Woodstock, SxSW, LA FF, Woods Hole, Clermont-Ferrand, DC Shorts, NY International, Philadelphia, Boston, Austin, Bahamas International, Great Lakes, Sante Fe and the IFP Film Market to name just a few.

Brette Goldstein is currently casting:

  • THE PENDANT, written by Jeff Albert
  • BUBBLE GIRL, written and directed by Peter McGennis
  • 4 LIES, directed by Doug Lodato

Recent films include:

  • FRANK THE BASTARD (with Chris Sarandon, William Sadler and Rachel Miner), directed by Brad Coley
  • Casting Director and Associate Producer of the feature film HELLO LONESOME directed by Adam Reid (with Lynn Cohen, Sabrina Lloyd and James Urbaniak), which won major awards at festivals internationally.
  • VIVIENNE AGAIN, directed by Kim Garland
  • WITH ALL MY MIGHT, directed by Susan Hunt
  • LAST NIGHT WITH THE BOYS, directed by Robert DiFalco
  • GOD DON'T MAKE THE LAWS (with Paul Sorvino and Robert Prescott), directed by David Sabbath
  • QUEEN CITY, directed by Peter McGennis (with Vivica A. Fox and Lyric Bent)
  • "No Job for a Woman: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII", PBS documentary narrated by Julianna Margulies
  • HERMAN AND SHELLY, directed by Bridget Stokes
  • DOGS LIE, directed by Richard Atkinson.
  • Cast the reading of Jonathan Betzler's screenplay THE LOST PRINCE, starring Dylan Baker, Laila Robins, Betty Gilpin and Fred Weller.
  • Cast the trailer for Seth Grahame-Smith's (author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) new book

Anthony Vincent Bova is the Artistic Director of the Bova Actors Workshop and Ionica Theater based in Times Square, New York City. He is the only East Coast associate of Eric Morris and instructor of the Eric Morris System.

Anthony Vincent Bova is the protege of famed acting coach and respected revolutionary in the performing arts Eric Morris. Mr. Morris is the originator of a very specific two-part system of acting that is predicated first on training the actor how to reach a being state which is essential to organic life on stage and in front of the camera as well as a systematic craft approach to creating rich and fully dimensional characters that are as alive for the actor as they are for the audience.

Anthony is mentioned in Eric Morris's 6th book, The Diary of a Professional Experiencer, with foreword by former student of Mr. Morris, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While absorbing Eric Morris' expertise and know-how for two and half decades, Anthony mastered the skills to help actors overcome their energetic blocks to help them gain freedom to discover their individual authenticity leading to greater organic expression.

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