COJONES to Wrap Run at The Pit on 4/24

COJONES to Wrap Run at The Pit on 4/24

Singers who want to twerk. Dancers who want to juggle daggers. Comics who dare to get serious. Perhaps some X-rated ventriloquism. The monthly variety showcase called COJONES invites performers to try something onstage they've always wanted to do but didn't have the you-know-whats to try.

Peter Michael Marino and Amanda Duarte host COJONES at 11PM on Friday, April 25 at the The People's Improv Theater (The PIT), 123 East 24th Street (off Park Ave). Marino is the creator and co-producer of SOLOCOM, an all-solo festival that packed houses at The PIT this past November and gave birth to 60 world premiere solo comedies. Amanda Duarte is an actress, storyteller, comedian and the host/creator of Dead Darlings at Judson Memorial Church. Featuring live music by the Liz Heeden Tiny Band.
This month's show features chanteuse Margoh Channing, comedian Harmon Leon, and performers Andrea Alton, Adrianne Frost and Meg Griffiths Anderson among others.

COJONES concludes its run at The PIT on Friday, April 25 at 11PM. Tickets are $1 (yes, one US dollar) and can be purchased at the door. The PIT is located at 123 East 24 Street off Park Ave. Full bar available. More info at COJONES. Hi-rez photo/logo here: COJONESPIC.

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