BroadwayGirlNYC: #BwayTears - Songs to Make you Cry

September 5
4:41 PM 2012

BroadwayGirlNYC: #BwayTears - Songs to Make you CryToday I left my apartment with headphones stuffed deep into my ears.  I didn't have a destination in mind, but knew I needed to walk.  The gray sky mirrored my mood; for some reason I just felt down.  I hit shuffle on my iTunes Broadway playlist (over 3200 songs), hoping for something to brighten my day, but found that every song that shuffled through was a melancholy one.  Rather than hit "next" a hundred times, I let the songs wash over me.  As I made my way over to Hudson River Park and walked North from midtown towards the Upper West Side, I began to cry.  Instead of bringing me further down, I felt cleansed by the ability to let the darkness ou,t with help my favorite art form.  The walk, and the music, opened my heart back up to its usual cheerful self.  Soon the sky followed suit, and a beam of sunlight poked through, and followed me all the way home.

Sometimes, we just need to turn on the waterworks.  Stressful day at work, fight with the boyfriend, missing a family that's far away… sucks.  And tears help.

Here is a list of the Broadway songs that bring on the tears.  Use it to soothe yourself.  Bathe in the sadness, the anger, the heartbreak, the loss.  Make yourself a pot of tearwater tea.  And when you're done, dab those eyes dry, and stand strong to face the world again.

Thanks to all of my kindred emotional Broadway musical fans, who, via twitter, compiled this list with me.  Tweet yours at hashtag #BwayTears.

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