Bob O'Hare's Encore Presentation of RECOVERY Adds Additional Shows at Don't Tell Mama, 1/26 & 2/10

ERIC Michael GillETT will present BOB O'HARE in an encore performance of Recovery: A Show About Getting Better on December 22, 7pm with with the Tom Nelson Trio (Tom Nelson, Musical Director and Piano; Tom Kirchmer, Bass;Peter Grant, Drums) at Don't Tell Mama. Today, it was announced that additional performances have been added for Jan. 26 and Feb. 10. Tickets are $20 music charge with 2 drink minimum ($15 for members of MAC and Cabaret Hotline Online) - no credit cards. Reservations(212) 757-0788 (after 4 p.m.)

"Your humble reporter has ceased being surprised by anything in cabaret anymore, having basically seen everything there is to be had after twenty-five years. As such, he barely walks into a show by a newcomer with any expectations whatsoever. Therefore, Bob O'Hare's Recovery at Don't Tell Mama on the evening of November 17th may well be one of the greatest surprises beheld in many a moon....It's not simply the fact that O'Hare's truly-lovely voice emerges as never over-coached and with a really terrific natural sound. It's not simply that he's made truly impeccable choices in terms of material, both for not being terribly precocious but also very carefully selected. It is, in point of fact, that this really is what an act is supposed to represent both as what cabaret was in its heyday and what the art form is supposed to be from this point on....The evening's first true high-point rears its head with 'One Step' by Malby and Shire, featuring a spectacular patter sequence, followed shortly thereafter by 'Journey to the Past' by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Award-winning director Eric Michael Gillett once again proves himself as a master of the genre here...O'Hare emerges as triumphant at every turn. The guy has very simply been through hell and back, and it never shows. He couldn't be more quick with a smile or generosity of spirit, and it's truly one of the feel-good evenings of this or any other of the several last cabaret seasons. Should Bob O'Hare and Recovery return, please visit the process. It couldn't possibly be more worth visiting." - Andrew Martin, NiteLifeExchange

"And now I have another winning cabaret show to recommend! It's the show I saw on Monday night - Bob O'Hare's 'Recovery: A Show About Getting Better' at DON'T TELL MAMA. It tells the story of a serious fall he had...and he is still 'recovering' today. If you want to see a show that is both entertaining and inspiring, you can't miss with this one. Bob is a witty story teller, a wonderful singer, and has put together a show with his director Eric Michael Gillette that you will remember for years! I love a show where familiar songs are given a new meaning, and where unfamiliar songs are generously included. A true evening of classic cabaret with a clean modern style. I loved it - you will love it - I guarantee!...He's got talent - and class!" - Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online

Bob O'Hare made his cabaret debut in May of 2009 with "Home: A Musical Journey." It was a wonderful way to kick off his summer. It was well-received, with Sandi Durell lauding its "carefully chosen songs cleverly intertwined" and "truly realized" performances.

Why so long before a second show? Note that the title of the new production is "Recovery" - Mr. O'Hare took a very serious fall after his first show, and is still in recovery today. His life was dominated by a long stay in a rehabilitation center and much physical therapy, but Robert O'Hare has willpower!

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