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BWW TV: Around the Broadway World 1/26 - The Sims Goes Broadway!

January 26
8:31 AM 2012

This week we're looking at "Digital" Broadway with "The Sims" - usually a game available on mnay platforms - it has also been used heavily on YouTube to create music videos.  Here are a few I've enjoyed that are Broadway themed...

Craig Says:Catch this Sims version of the opening number of RENT...

The Sims: RENT

Craig Says:Catch this energetic Sims version of "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde.

The Sims: So Much Better (Legally Blonde)

Craig Says:One of my favorite Broadway songs has been "Sim"ified. Check out this version of "Lily's Eyes"

The Sims: Lily's Eyes (The Secret Garden)

Craig Says:Here's "Galinda" Sims singing "Popular" from Wicked...

The Sims: Popular (Wicked)

Craig Says:Added to the motion picture "Hairspray" - check out the all Sim version of "New Girl in Town."

The Sims: New Girl in Town (Hairspray)

Craig Says:Here's a take on Oklahoma's "Surrey with the Fringe on Top"

The Sims: Surrey with the Fringe on Top (Oklahoma)

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