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November 9
10:04 AM 2012


BWW JR: ANNIEWhen I was a little girl (and not the kind Miss Hannigan sings about), I spent my afternoons dancing around the living room to my mother's tape (as in…tape) of "Hard Knock Life" while developing the poor singing habits that plagued a generation of belters raised on a particularly resonant recording of "Maybe".  This was a very different time.  Far away from the hard knocks of the 1930's and much sunnier than the recession of tomorrow, girls of my generation (Oh my God did I just say "girls of my generation"?) were touched by the pluck and spunk offered up by an orphan named Annie, and an era of Broadway thereby considered itself officially influenced.

In the wake of recession and Sandy, a musical about the Depression and, well, Sandy…could not have been more perfectly timed.  Producer and mom Arielle Tepper Madover made a brilliant choice when she decided to bring ANNIE back to Broadway.  The fact that it co-stars a plucky, canine survivor named Sandy?  Well that's just luck.

I'm not sure if I needed this production to be on Broadway or if I would have been equally BWW JR: ANNIEexcited to introduce my almost nine-year-old daughter to ANNIE had it been produced in a barn with costumes compliments of Daddy Warbucks' aunt.  But I do know that my expectations were met.  My daughter was swept away by the optimism, spirit and humor, and I was entertained by those classic songs, new interpretations and I mean, come on….there are actual KIDS on stage!

The authentic New Yawk accents were a nice touch and it brings the whole production home….literally…in a very personal way.   And knowing that the dog playing Sandy is a rescued pup made every moment on stage for Sunny the pooch a triumph.


  • A perfectly timed, reimagined version of the show about Broadway's eternal optimist.
  • Best for mature little girls ages 5 and up, or squirmy little boys ages 7 and up.
  • For more info or to purchase tickets, visit the show's website.
  • I don't belt from my throat any more.  Really.



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