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BWW Interviews: Debut of the Month - BRONX BOMBERS Chris Henry Coffey

It's interesting because I recently interviewed Mary Bridget Davies, who is currently portraying Janis Joplin on Broadway, and she expressed a very similar sentiment, that it was so gratifying to meet people who were at a Joplin concert or who had a very specific memory of her as an artist, and they thanked her for evoking that memory.

Exactly. And yes, there's a burden attached to that but at the same time, that's a great challenge as an actor and of course it's such a wonderful opportunity from an acting standpoint to dive into a challenge like that.

You originated this role in the show's off-Broadway production. Have there been many changes made since making the transfer to Broadway?

Yes, I actually started with a workshop in the mountains of Colorado at the Perry Mansfield Festival this past summer, we workshopped the play for a week and from there it carried over to a reading and then the off-Broadway run at the Duke. And the play had been evolving from day one, and certainly the off-Broadway run gave Eric a great opportunity to see it on stage, see what works and what doesn't, see what the audience is responding to, so yes, it's definitely changed for the better in a lot of ways.

And I would say also that just having the space that we are in [Circle in the Square Theater] is a huge bonus because it just feels like a stadium. So I think a lot of the audience doesn't feel so much like they're in a theater space, that they're not necessarily comfortable being in, so that's a great demographic for us as well, baseball fans who are not necessarily going to theater all the time. In that way, just the space itself is just really, really great for that play. I think a lot of people just feel like they are walking into a stadium rather than a theater.

In terms of the structure of the play, the story itself now has a nice arc, as I was saying before, Tracy and Peter really anchor it in the way that they do, it just really ties it all together. The writer and the producers have been working hard, and Major League Baseball is involved and the Yankees are involved, so everyone has had a hand in the process of making it what it is today.

I understand your fiancé is going to be starring in Broadway's Rocky which also opens in February.

Yes, we are really just so fortunate. She's in tech rehearsal for Rocky right now, she's playing a character 'Gloria' who is Adrien's best friend, so she's playing one of the leads so it's a great opportunity for her and for us, the idea of being able to go to work together and come home together and be working half a block away from each other on Broadway.

It's funny that you are both starring in sports-themed productions. Is there any friendly competition between the two of you?

(laughing) You know it's a funny thing because we didn't even put that together until somebody else mentioned it, and we were like, 'Oh my God, that's such a great storyline.' It's just so funny that we're both in these sports plays a half a block away from each other, but no, there's no competition necessarily but it's fun for her to come over and hang out with the baseball guys and the other night, I went over to hang out with a bunch of the Rocky people so there's lot of cross pollination that I feel is going to happen in the next year or so.

After I saw Bronx Bombers, I started thinking about fifty years from now. Do you think in 2064 a play could be written about today's New York Yankees or are these iconic sports figures in the show from an era that we will never see again?

That's interesting. Well my two cents on that is that it's always typical that the Yankees are in transition, they are right now, but the conversation within the play is a timeless conversation about what makes a team, and you bring large egos and big money and huge stakes into a room and into the sports arena and that doesn't necessarily create championships, but something else does. And I think that mystique that has carried through with the Yankees for the last hundred years will definitely carry though to the next hundred years. I really do believe that. I think there is something magical about that team, being in New York and wearing the pin stripes and the history behind it, I don't think it's going anywhere, I really don't.

I certainly hope you are right!

It's a tricky time for baseball but there's always going to be fans out there rooting for them and I'm optimistic about the sport and about the Yankees.

What has your experience been like making your Broadway debut in Bronx Bombers?

It's fantastic. It's obviously one of those pinnacles that you sort of see in the distance and hope that someday you'll have the opportunity to do. I've been kicking around New York and jumping around film and TV and commercials and voiceovers so I've had a very diverse career but there's always that desire to be part of the Broadway club and it's really such a great thing to feel so welcomed into it.

We had our first preview a couple of weeks ago, I'm the only one in the cast with a Broadway debut, and the guys took me out and we had a toast and it was just great. They're a really supportive bunch and there's a great dynamic among us all, so it wasn't stressful. I did sort of take the moment in on my first preview and acknowledged that, but for the most part, I'm just so happy to be a part of the process with such a great group of people, I'm just so thrilled. And of course, being able to do it side by side with my fiancé that's such a bonus to the whole package!

About Chris Henry Coffey:

Chris was most recently seen in A.R. Gurney's The Dining Room at the Westport Country Playhouse, and in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Water by the Spoonful at Second Stage.

His most recent film and TV credits include The Little Tin Man (2013) and Epilogue (which premiered at Tribeca FF 2013). Also Neil LaBute's BFF and David Schwimmer's feature Trust. He has had recurring roles on "Law & Order: CI", guest-stars on "The Good Wife", "Cupid", and "Law & Order". Coffey is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama.

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