BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love

February 25
6:40 AM 2014
BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love This is my final week of blogs (for serious this time), and it's breaking my heart. I love sharing our shenanigans with you guys because I truly believe this group of weirdos at "Disaster!" is the greatest!

Last week, I spent 6 out of 7 days with my cast mates. We only have 4 shows a week. We work together, we eat/drink together after the show, and on our days off, we gravitate right back to each other to continue the fun. Basically, we're in love.

On Saturday night, we celebrated Haven Burton's birthday with a burger crawl. Yes, you read that correctly, a mother effing burger crawl! None of us are going to fit into our costumes, but it was totally worth it. How could an Umami Burger with a side of french fries drenched in melted cheese with bacon bits and fried onions not be 100% worth that magical bloated feeling?!?!?!

Then on Sunday night, Maggie McDowell had us over for game night which included sangria, cheese, crackers, this insanely amazing cheesy toast (which I refer to as devil bread) that Charity Dawson brought, doughnuts, and pizza (there was also a veggie platter but really, who cares?). Shout out to those sexpots over at Mark Fisher Fitness because swinging some kettlebells and doing burpees is the only reason I'm not a giant roly-poly at this point.

We started by playing "running charades" which is so fun! Everyone makes a list of ten famous titles, then you break into two teams and see which team can guess each list first. Again very fun, but also so stressful! My booty was clenched the whole time! The night concluded with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Put a group of actors who love comedy in a room with this game, and we will ham it up big time! I will conclude my final gush for these people by saying the evening was hilarious, warm, and far too entertaining. I. AM. THE. LUCKIEST. In case I haven't convinced you yet that we feel all the feelings for each other, I'm going to let my beautiful cast mate and friend, Stacey Oristano, finish this post. This is Stacey's final week as Jackie **sobs all over laptop** so if you want to see her rock it out in that sassy purple gown, get down to St. Luke's by Friday! Alright Broadway World, enjoy a few words from Miss Stacey:

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same."

I always found it strange that people would want to walk on your heart with their bare feet. Seems painful. As I gear up for my very last performance of Disaster!, I now realize how true this is. Only my heart has been trampled on by glittery high heels, mens dress shoes, keds and converse. These people, this cast, this crew, have forever changed me. As a person and as a performer. I can't even think about taking that final dance with all of them this Friday. But that's the life of a theatre kid, I guess. I don't live in NYC and it's time to head home. But I am leaving for home with all of them forever attached to my heart! All I can say is..... YEEEEAAAASSSS!!!!!

XO- Stacey


BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love
Jennifer Simard and Charity Dawson loving each other

BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love
Me, Matt Farcher, Stacey, and Haven playing dress up with Maggie's stuff

BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love
Max Crumm doing a dramatic reading of Cards Against Humanity.

BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - We're In Love
Before we stuffed cheeseburgers in our faces...

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