BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Dear DISASTER!, I Love You

So, my blogs are usually kind of sassy and silly, but I'm about to get real, y'all! If you don't mind, indulge my sentimental side for a moment. Last night, I missed my first performance of Disaster! which was slightly heartbreaking, but it was for a good reason. I was actually swung out of the show which means that our swing goes on for my track and I get to sit in the audience and watch. A few blogs ago, I told you about my role in the show and how I understudy three principles. We have limited time for understudy rehearsals so being swung out is a way for me to watch, learn, and take notes. I came prepared with track sheets for the roles and a list of moments I really needed to focus on. My BroadwayWorld peeps, I had to actively tell myself to do my job! I was having such a great time as an audience member that I had to force myself to pay attention as an actor.

In my last post, I mentioned that I've been with the Disaster! since it was just a reading in Seth Rudetsky's living room about three years ago. I am so grateful to still be with the show after multiple incarnations. That being said, I know the script really well. I've heard the jokes being said by many different casts in many settings. But there I was laughing my booty off in every scene. It was so amazing to just sit back and enjoy. I felt like a proud mama as I watched these people whom I am lucky enough to call my cast mates NAIL IT on that stage! I even got a little teary eyed during our opening (Our opening number is "Hot Stuff." Feel free to judge me and my hormones).

Dear reader, I hope you get the chance to come and laugh and smile the way I did last night. This little skit is so unique and smart and touching and a million other adjectives that only describe great things. And finally to my Disaster! peeps, a shout out to you. This show has the most special place in my heart and it's because over the years, every actor, stage manager, crew member, director, choreographer, musician, costumer, everyone has come to the show from a place of wanting to create something wonderful. It hasn't been about money, it hasn't been about glamour (just ask the cockroach we killed on stage one night), it's been about a group of people who love musicals getting together to put on a show. To the Disaster! alum past, present, and future, you have no clue how special you truly are to me. Alright enough of this sappy nonsense. Cleanse your palette with some Disaster! pictures from over the years.

high res photos

Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick in 2011 when we performed at The Box

Me (Sherz Aletaha), Seth Rudetsky, Alex Ellis, and Kristy Cavenaugh doing a number in 2011 at The Box. So much has changed! This number got cut years ago.

Denis Jones and Jack Plotnick on the first day of rehearsal for our industry reading in June 2011.

Jack Plotnick, Saum Eskandani, Kristy Cavenaugh, Capathia Jenkins, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, and myself in rehearsal for our 2011 reading.

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