BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

April 14
1:44 PM 2014
BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

One of the best things about Dates, Mates & Clean Slates is that we made it happen ourselves. Writing a script is one thing, but actually following through with it is quite another. The awesome thing about living in New York is that you have so many colleagues and friends who are artists and creators at your fingertips. People with tons of knowledge and experience to pull from.

First, I reached out to a friend who I knew had tons of insight about filming and editing, Andrew Keenan Bolger. He graciously gave me information on what camera and lens he was using to shoot his web and blog videos. (Check out his blog here:'s also co-creator of Submissions Only, which is incredible and featured right here on Broadway World!)

Next, I went to Adorama Camera Rental, per recommendations, and rented everything I would need. Of course then, a tutorial on how to use everything was essential. Interestingly enough, most anything you want to learn you can look up on the internet, which is how I figured out the camera functions, the microphone set up, and later on how to edit the videos!

Finally, once the equipment was set up and in place, Steph and I started shooting. The first couple of videos were a bit of trial and error. One example: we filmed an entire day and realized the microphone wasn't set up properly. (Yikes!) We had to rent the equipment again and do a re-shoot. Other issues that came up we were able to fix in editing...but with more and more practice it became much easier and, of course, super fun!

BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

Now we have Gregg Monteith helping us with shooting and editing, which will make the process that much better and more refined. He is super talented with lots of experience behind the camera and with comedic editing. (He was involved with the brilliant Russian Broadway Shutdown and Downton Abbey at 54 Below. It's definitely worth checking those out!) Side note: He enjoys sending us awkward computer stills while editing, i.e.:

BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

Thanks, Gregg. :) Last week we read through all of the new scripts and deliberated over casting ideas for callers. We had some help on the other end of the computer from our friend and associate producer Stephanie Martignetti.

BWW Blog: Dates, Mates & Clean Slates - A Little Help From Your Friends

In other news, we were invited by the hilarious creators of Sitting on Babies ( to participate in an event celebrating women in comedy who write and create on April 29th at The Creek! They will be screening one of our episodes, so we are super pumped and honored to be participating, not to mention be surrounded by so many funny ladies! Check it out here: This week we have a shoot for an episode with a pretttty awesome caller, which we will post about later this week! Until then, we leave you with this episodes of Dates, Mates & Clean Slates featuring Santino Fontana talking about his problem...with boobs.
Cheers! Julie

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Guest Blogger: Dates, Mates Julie Lubeck (formerly Kotarides) and Stephanie Gibson co-star in the original web series Dates, Mates & Clean Slates. Julie is the writer and creator of the parody radio show, which revolves around two girls who give well intentioned but hilariously misguided dating advice to callers. A little about these two quirky ladies: They both toured the country with the first national revival tour of A Chorus Line. Julie most recently returned from performing at the Kennedy Center with Elf the Musical. Stephanie is currently making audiences laugh nightly as Gabrielle in Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway. Other credits of Stephanie's include: Broadway's Addams Family (Morticia u/s) and Spamalot (Lady of the Lake u/s) and the touring production of Happy Days (Lori Beth). Film/TV credits include: The Union (Feature), You Must Be Joking (Feature), Person of Interest, Up All Night, All My Children, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light. Steph's other web goodies: "The Audition" (Claire), a Seth and Avi Short, and SNAFU (Svendolyn). Julie's favorite credits include: Surf! (World Premiere), The Boyfriend (Carbonell Nominee), Saved! (Playwrights Horizons Workshop), Miss Liberty (York Theatre), Awesome 80s Prom. She can also be seen in web shorts with The Kloons, the Antidote Chocolate web promo, is the face of Find Your Lobster and can be found in the audience of Wendy Williams. Their friendship is definitely one of their best credits.