BWW Blog: DROWSY CHAPERONE's Paige Faure - Traveling with Baby

BWW Blog: DROWSY CHAPERONE's Paige Faure - Traveling with Baby

Well, after 14 hours, 4 poopy diapers, 3 overpriced water bottles, 2 Toblerones and 1 mid-flight meltdown, Henry and I made it to Houston in one piece. Our connecting flight to Charlotte was cancelled creating an unexpectedly long day but we prevailed. Whoever said traveling with an infant alone was inexplicably hard was...actually very accurate. If and when everything goes exactly according to plan, life is good - but inevitably, something is left behind, someone gets fussy and hungry at an inopportune time (parent or child) or your plane fans get burnt out and they have to get rid of it leaving you and 125 others to rush to the rebooking agents desk like an actor to a dessert plate at a opening night party. (And that's fast...Or is that just me?)

Please understand that I have an angel of a little boy who is only upset when its something legitimate like that time when I laughed at him because he startled himself with his own fart. But these were trying times. you'd think four years of National tours would arm one with the wisdom and know-how for any/all things that could happen - alas, my suitcase still looks like 3 month-old Henry packed it, and I still forget to wear socks going through security. Gross. In any case, when with child in transit, you do get unsolicited advice, encouragement and stories from other parents who either have grown children (proof you will survive) or are traveling without them for today (with a big fat grin on their face). I had one father ask if I needed help getting a bag down, followed by his admiration of his own baby-momma who apparently travels via airplane frequently: "My wife successfully takes our three kids all over the country on her own all the time! I don't know how she does it! But you look like you are doing great..." So what you're saying is, "Don't complain til you have triplets and are flying to Alaska and back eight times." Got it.

Now, I know this issue of the blog was supposed to be about Henry's first Monty Python themed giggle-fest. But in light of this pastSunday being Mothers Day and getting a child thru the aforementioned day alive, I feel I must first turn attention to a subject very close to my heart right now: working Moms. And since this is, specifically, working Theater Moms. Onstage, backstage, dancing, singing, acrobatting - Let me send this love letter to you : for spending all your 10 minute breaks in the bathroom pumping, for dancing the hardest you ever have while sleeping the least you ever have, for showing up to rehearsal with spilled breastmilk all down your Lululemons and NOT crying over it, I applaud you. For the stories that continue to roll in, like getting back into a Broadway show by four weeks postpartum, or having your 4-year old daughter finally realize that what you do is so cool, or belting so hard your boob milk sprays all over your costumes, I salute you. I am so inspired by the families being cultivated in this business right now...and how endlessly amusing it is to be a glamorous showgirl or brilliant director or the most reliable quick-change dresser by profession and then come home and go back to work as Mum extraordinaire, covered in pureed peas with still enough energy to carry that sweet babe on your hip. It's a cool thing. If I could bake you all a cake, I would...also because we all need the extra calories in order to accomplish the aforementioned activities. (Did I mention I love dessert? Where's the rest of those Toblerones...)

Next up (for real this time): Opening night of Spamalot and that "happy after-show buzz"...and no, I'm not talking about the amount of alcohol consumed post-curtain.

Peace and joy,


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