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An Interview with the Infamous Michael Riedel

"I'd like to see the theater become part of contemporary culture again. I think that it's a real problem for the theater, and these shows. You see that they are not tapping into anything that's going on in the world today."

I recently sat down at Angus McIndoe for lunch with the New York Post's always controversial columnist - Michael Riedel. It was an interview interrupted many times by theater notables stopping by to see him, then returning to their tables to send him drinks. Michael's in a unique position in the theater world, leading him to wonder aloud – were the drinks laced with poison?

Let's start at the beginning – when did your interest in theater begin?

I did some plays in high school which I had a good time doing. I remember doing the all-Christian version of The Diary of Anne Frank. I went to a small Catholic school in upstate New York with no Jewish people in the town, so it was all Catholics and Presbyterians playing Otto Frank, Mr. Dussel, everyone, but I remember enjoying doing that play very much and enjoyed my first time up on stage.

It must have been 7th grade and I played Dussel the dentist. Of course if you've read the later writings about Anne Frank it turns out that he was also a pedophile and molesting them but we were doing the nice cleaned up Broadway Frances Goodrich, and Albert Hackett version of the show.

Growing up, I saw a few of the shows that would come through Rochester, New York where I'm from; so it was some of the traveling shows that I saw like Barnum, and I think that I saw Hello Dolly! with Carol Channing.

I can't say though that they made any tremendous impression on me, or that I was wildly interested in the theater or that I wanted to be in the theater myself. I was interested in politics very much when I was growing up and that's what I think I really wanted to be – either a senator, or a Supreme Court Justice, and I always wanted to be a lawyer. I think that I began to get interested in the theater when I came to New York on a trip with my mother when I was in high school and I saw

42nd Street
, which I thought was your typical kind of old-fashioned Broadway show, and the next night I saw the original cast of Nine. Nine was the first Broadway kind of show where I thought "hmmnn – now this is intriguing!" It seemed incredibly sophisticated to a kid from a small town to see this glossy, sheik Tommy Tune production with all these sexy women. I remember Anita Morris in a skin-tight dress rolling around on that spa block and a lot of my early interest in Broadway theater stemmed from that experience.

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