3 Legged-Dog's Salon Series to Continue with INTERACTIVITY, 2/4


3 Legged-Dog's Salon Series to Continue with INTERACTIVITY, 2/4

3-Legged Dog has announced that INTERACTIVITY, the next event in their Salon Series, will take place on Tuesday, February 4 at 7 PM. INTERACTIVITY takes place at 3LD Art and Technology Center (80 Greenwich Street, between Edgar and Rector Streets). The 3LD SALON is FREE and open to the public. For reservations, which are suggested, email salon@3ld.org. For more information, visit www.3ldnyc.org.

The INTERACTIVITY salon brings together 10 designers, from all different backgrounds, with the goal of expanding the concept of how reactive technologies can be used theatrically to tell a story. How much agency can interactive storytelling give to the audience? How aware of their involvement should they be? What is the relationship between interactivity and immersion?

This salon is brought to you by Future Action Science Theater (F.A.S.T.), a group of theater makers who are interested in adapting emerging technologies to the theater. It is their ongoing mission to seek out cutting edge technologies and combine them with forward thinking narratives, to boldly create new stories for the 21st Century Audience. The salon presents the findings of their months-long exploration of new interpretations of the third part of their most recent work, Love Machine.

Love Machine is a story in three parts, reflecting the exponential evolution between humans and their machines. The third part follows one character as he uploads himself into a digital universe and is forced to navigate his new existence. In previous incarnations, the main character was puppeteered by a responsive ball of digital light moving in a three-dimensional environment on a projection surface. For this Salon, the talented and innovative group of designers has re-imagined the story as a fully immersive, reactionary environment, thrusting the audience from a passive observer to participant within the digital world.

The participating designers are Daniel Belquer, Mike Donaghey,? Ivaylo Getov, Santiago Peraza,? Greg St. Pierre, Izzi Ramkissoon,? David Tennent, and? Robert Wuss. Love Machine is directed by Andrew Scoville.?

3LD SALON is an invitation for producers, creators and fans of multidisciplinary artwork and performance to interact with professionals usually restricted to behind-the-scenes positions. The process of theatrical designers will be the focus of discussion and showcased in practice for all members of the artistic community to consider.

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