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4:06 AM - Well, that was another stunning evening of entertainment - slick show as usual, and some great performances. And Hugh Jackman! What more could you want? Thanks for your company this evening. I'm off to sleep. See you next year!

4:05 AM - NPH returns to wrap it all up, with an ironic joke song about what he'd sing if the show hadn't overrun.

4:02 AM - And they hand it on to Once.

4:01 AM - Trey Parker and Matt Stone are finally here to hand over the baton for Best Musical.

3:58 AM - Oh goodness, another ad break, and they haven't even presented Best Musical yet. Seriously, Tony Awards! It's nearly four in the morning! It's a school night!

3:56 AM - Audra McDonald wins Best Actress in a Musical, to the surprise of literally nobody. She blubs her way through a very actressy acceptance speech, about the theatre being her home, and is very gracious and lovely. Bless her.

3:52 AM - Best Leading Actress in a Play goes to Nina Arianda. She reveals a little too much about herself as she tells Plummer he was her first crush, and she enjoyed it when he blew that whistle in The Sound of Music. Amazing.

3:47 AM - After the final ad break of the evening, Christopher Plummer (CAPTAIN VON TRAPP!) will be the next guest presenter. This pleases me.

3:44 AM - How many religious-themed musicals does Broadway really need? Or for that matter the Tony Awards? Well, Leap of Faith, after its short and truncated run, has returned for the evening.

3:39 AM - Oh, you'd think I'd be pleased for James Corden winning Best Actor in a Play, but it just seems so wrong for him to win ahead of these amazing actors. Better than Philip Seymour Hoffman? Corden does at least admit that it's slightly out of left field, even for him.

3:37 AM - Steve Kazee wins Best Actor in a Musical as I go past the barrier of "tired". He's very emotional and he talks about the death of his mother and how his castmates have supported him through that. This is a very sad Tony Awards.

3:35 AM - OK, shedding a quiet tear here as Hugh tells his wife, "I know how much you hate public speaking. This is the greatest thing you've ever done for me."

3:33 AM - "She's never kept a secret her entire life!" he exclaims - apparently she told him she was going to the loo.

3:31 AM - Hang on, Hugh Jackman's wife has just come on to the stage - he looks MORTIFIED - and she's presenting the special Tony Award to him. God bless both of them. Adorable.

3:24 AM - Did I imagine it, or was a girl just crowd-surfing back to her seat behind NPH?

3:20 AM - Hahahaha, they're being played off because their acceptance speech is so intensely expansive and ridiculously massive, and Harvey Fierstein needs to introduce the boat cast of Hairspray.

3:17 AM - Mandy Patinkin and Patti LuPone are here to present Best Revival of a Musical (to Porgy and Bess), but mostly to sing and do a bit and generally be fabulous.

3:15 AM - Fascinated to see this production of Godspell. I'm oddly fond of it as a show but I've never seen a version that really works all the way through! This lot are wandering into the audience to perform, and terrifying the hell out of everyone there.

3:12 AM - That was a really odd performance from the cast of Evita. Elena Roger sang a whole line, and then Ricky Martin sang And The Money Kept Rolling In VERY, VERY SLOWLY.

3:05 AM - I love that this version of Evita is being billed as authentically Latin; I think it's because Elena Roger is Argentinian.

3:02 AM - Clybourne Park wins!

2:57 AM - Jim Parsons, yay! He's presenting Best Play in a seriously theatrical way. No messing up autocue for HIM.

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