Take a stand against sheet music piracy! Illegally downloading sheet music is a violation of federal copyright law, plain and simple. Not only that, but illegally sharing, trading, or distributing music has a direct impact on the livelihoods of the composers and lyricists whose work is the backbone of our industry. is teaming up with musical theatre writers and The Dramatists Guild to support the cause.

Whether you're a performer, musician, director, teacher, or music fan, choose to buy sheet music from legal outlets like MusicNotes,, and other legal vendors. Take the Anti-Piracy Pledge to show your support for writers and the future of musical theatre. As a special thank you, signing the pledge will make you eligible to win a gift certificate!

I pledge to buy sheet music legally rather than downloading it illegally because I believe writers should get paid for the things they make.

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Sheet Music Resources

In addition to your local bookstores and other sheet music vendors, here are some recommended ways to obtain legal sheet music online.

1. Search the songwriter's website.

2. Search the publisher's website.

3. Download from a reputable sheet music vendor. Here is a suggested (partial) list:

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